Animation is an art that plays a very crucial role in the business world as well as impacts the lives of the general masses. In this era of digital strategy & marketing, a lot of animation is utilized on the internet for promotion among the target audience. The need for animation appears as a form of an exceptional means of interaction that helps to convey the message and communicate with the audience.

Animation is a medium that can bring concepts or imaginations to real life through character sketching. Different types of animation techniques- Traditional animation, 2D animation, 3D computer animation (CGI or CG), Motion graphics & Stop motion animation.

Study areas in Animation:

    • Graphic design
    • Video game designing
    • 3D Animation
    • Stop motion
    • Motion graphics

Careers and roles in animation:

    • Graphic artist
    • Animator
    • 3D animator
    • 3D Modeler
    • Video game designer
    • Compositing supervisor
    • Multimedia Programmers
    • Visualizers
    • Content Developers
    • Pre and Post Production executives

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