Business Management


Business Management

Management isn’t about telling people what to do. As management training programs will show you, it’s about helping them do what they do best.

In your management degree, you’ll learn how to solve complex problems, respond under pressure, and manage a wide range of stakeholders. Learn how to be socially responsible — and to listen to your team. 

Great leaders listen, take action, and put their employees’ happiness above all else. That’s how they keep their people motivated and achieve the best results — and that’s what we’ll teach you. 

Study areas in Business management:

    • Business Administration/Management
    • Business Analysis
    • Business Information Systems
    • Entrepreneurship & Innovation
    • Global Development
    • International Business
    • Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Careers and roles in Business management:

    • Client Services manager
    • Project manager
    • Business manager
    • Community manager
    • Marketing manager
    • Logistics manager
    • Data analyst
    • Business consultant
    • Management Analyst
    • Development director
    • Director of operations

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