As Engineering has evolved over the years, engineering education has also become more specialized. These days, colleges offer multiple streams or engineering such as electronics, electrical, mechanical, automotive, aeronautic, telecommunications, chemical, biotechnology, etc. Mechanical engineering is considered to be an evergreen branch because almost every industry requires engineering graduates from the mechanical specialty. 

The basic tenet of engineering has always been about solving complex issues and making our lives simple, safe, happy and productive. If we look through the pages of history, we can see how engineering has solved complex problems. Be it transportation, manufacturing, or even winning wars, engineering has always played a pivotal role in our ventures.

Even today, engineering is helping us create devices, machines, and software that can solve some of our most complex problems. For example, robotics and embedded engineers have already developed robots that can detect and disarm explosive charges. Robots have already been developed to help in the case of fires and disasters to evacuate trapped victims. These systems are being put through rigorous testing and undergoing continuous improvement before they can be deployed on a large scale.

Study areas in engineering:

      • Architectural Engineering
      • Biomedical Engineering
      • Chemical Engineering
      • Civil Engineering
      • Construction management
      • Electrical & Electronic Engineering
      • Mechanical Engineering
      • Mining Engineering
      • Mechatronics and Industrial Automation
      • Renewable Energy and Electrical Power Systems
      • Maintenance and Reliability Engineering
      • Product Design Engineering
      • Robotics and Mechatronics Engineering

Careers and roles in engineering:

      • Civil Engineer
      • Mechanical Engineer
      • Chemical Engineer
      • Structural Engineer
      • Biomedical Engineer
      • Mining Engineer

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